3 things you MUST do while in Auburn.

   As a military kid, I’ve lived all over the country but there is no place like home! The Plains have happily become one of my favorite places to live; from Skybar to Rolling Toomers here are 3 things you must do while living in Auburn.


1: Skybar Karaoke:

     As cliche, as it sounds Karaoke night at sky bar, can be pretty fun! Especially when you surround yourself with some of your closest friends singing your favorite songs. 

Toomers Corner

2: Rolling Toomers: 

     When Auburn wins; one of the greatest traditions in college football is rolling Toomer’s corner! If you want to roll Toomer’s you may want to leave a little early (depending on the score of course) so you do not get caught up in a mountain of traffic and people all leaving at once. Personally I like to be one of the first there so I can see all the trees get rolled. There truly isn’t a sight like it.

3: Downtown eats: 

    Some of the best places to eat downtown have to be The Hound, The Acre, Hamiltons, and The Depot. And as you would probably guess they’re as expensive as they sound, but they are a great place to celebrate a birthday or go on a nice date with your significant other. 

   Auburn is a beautiful city with much more to do than these three things, but these are some things I wish I knew when I first moved to “The loveliest village on the Plains.”