Home Away From Home

From One Parent to Another,

I can imagine a parent’s worst fear is the day that their Auburn Student leaves the nest, off to college starting a new life and testing their own wings. Although this is the inevitable nothing can quite prepare you enough for that moment. The anxiety and pressures for both the parents and students can be overwhelming. Without a doubt moving away to college will be both the most terrifying and exhilarating time of a student’s life. There are so many unknowns but yet so many exciting adventures await. 

Auburn offers a little sense of relief by taking care of our own. The small town, family atmosphere is a force to be reckoned with. The passion and humility you find in Auburn is unwavering. Walking into your favorite restaurant or your off-campus student housing office they may greet you by name and a lot of people around town may even know your dog by name. That pride and connection that you feel with most others in Auburn during football season does not go away after the season is over. There is always a friendly “War Eagle” or some type of tiger pride shown each day. You gain bonus mothers, fathers, mentors, and life, long friends, while in Auburn. 

Home is a safe haven, a comfort zone, a place where you can always feel welcomed. As students come together from all over the world we create that bond, that love and safety net. We hold one another accountable and make life long memories.

I have always believed that home is a mindset and a feeling rather than a physical place. Once you become part of the Auburn family, this will always be a home away from home!

Vianna Dooley
Assistant Manager