I can tell you a lot!

I can tell you a lot of things about Auburn, AL. 

I can tell you that the winters are windier and colder than you would expect from a town so close to the Gulf of Mexico. I can tell you that the summers are hotter and more humid than a sauna and all that wind from the winter suddenly is nonexistent. I can tell you that it thunders on a completely clear summer night. That if you are expecting snow to close the town, that snow will probably drop between 2 AM and 3 AM. Making it incredibly difficult to get your Instagram pictures. 

I can tell you a lot of things about Auburn, AL.

I can tell you that the energy in this town shifts to a vibrant hue of technicolor on game day Saturdays. I can tell you that walking to campus never seemed easier than an hour before kickoff. I can tell you that tailgating with the people of this town is something that you will never forget. Nor, will you ever want to.

I can also, tell you a lot of things about Auburn University.

I can tell you that you’re probably going to fail your first biology test. You went in only thinking the Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

I can tell you that you will definitely run out of dining dollars. There’s no way you can walk past a Chick-Fil-A and a Starbucks and not use your “monopoly” money on it.

I can tell you that the day you figure out Haley Center’s layout will be the happiest day of your sophomore year. (Hint: Four sounds like Foy so Quad 4 faces Foy Hall).

I can tell you a lot of things about Auburn University.

I can tell you that your professors are only human and are trying their best too. Go to office hours. I can tell you that class registration is most definitely not the end of the world.

I can tell you that those “old” upperclassmen begging you to get involved on campus are not overexaggerating, but are being honest.

I can tell you that being a part of this University and a proud citizen is more magical than you could ever imagine.

There are some things that I cannot tell you about Auburn. Or this University. But, I can challenge you, to find out.

The Auburn Family is one of the most close-knit communities that I have ever been apart of. The comradery, the jovialness, the understanding that this group of people gives out once you announce yourself as a resident or one of our beloved Auburn Tigers, is something you will never forget. Or never understand, unless you become a part of it.

-MK Bunker Class of ’20

It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger…

Welcome to the Loveliest Village on The Plains located in god’s country! This is it, the place you will meet your forever friends.

Early on, I made a commitment that I was going to go all-in! Currently, that is exactly what I’m doing.

You’ll be stressed in the moment and it may seem like your pulling too entirely too many all-nighters in RBD . However, the rush of adrenaline that you get each time you roll Toomer’s corner seems to make it worth it.

We went to every home football game (can’t beat section 218). I ate at every typical Auburn restaurant (can’t beat Little Italy .I’ve even made my parents pockets hurt and shopped at almost every downtown store (can’t beat The Atelier).

What stood out to me the most was convocation. It first seemed a little scary but on the day before classes began, all freshmen were packed into the gym. This is where faculty and staff welcomed us into the Auburn family. After orientation, they put food on the concourse as people began to introduce each other.

It’s almost been a year, but the family I made at convocation is still trying to accomplish everything freshmen should. We try to watch as many sunrises and sunsets from the stadium parking deck. We ate lunch and dinner at Little Italy‘s. I’ve bought new clothes from The Atelier

The rest is history...

Finally, I’ll leave you with this I can’t say that we will have the same experiences. I do know that you’ll figure your own way through it. I also know that you’ll enjoy it because It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger! 

-J.Pegram Class of ’23